Mannion Copani Attorneys at Law

RESIDENTIAL Real Estate Representation and Services

When Mannion & Copani first opened in 1989, the basis for its client base was derived from its Residential Real Estate Practice.

Recognizing that residential real estate is perhaps the most hotly competitive of all practice areas, M & C built its practice on making determined and continued efforts to ensure that the client always came first.

The fundamentals of residential real estate may seem simple but few firms are able to follow them through to successful completion like Mannion & Copani. Though even the most well worked closing can result in frustration and difficulty for the client, our staff does all that it can to assist clients in attaining their home purchase goals with the least hassle and aggravation as possible.

Contract and Purchase Offer

Whether purchasing/selling a home directly or through a realtor, the first step is the purchase contract. At Mannion & Copani, we assist you through the entire purchasing/selling process, beginning with the drafting, review and approval of your purchase offer. We work with clients to ensure that the purchase offer they execute accurately reflects the terms of the deal that they have negotiated.

General Closing Services

Once the contract has been executed, the real work begins. Issues and disputes regarding contract terms arise in most transactions. Years of experience in all types and kinds of contract iterations makes Mannion & Copani uniquely effective in solving and resolving every manner of closing problem. Our attorneys and paralegals are experienced in working with lenders, purchasers, sellers, real estate agents and builders in closing purchases, sales, title and mortgage financing.

Mortgage Lenders

We have represented mortgage lenders from our inception in 1989. We are extremely experienced in closing FHA, VA and conventional transactions and fully understand the exacting requirements of the secondary mortgage market. We are completely computer and internet capable allowing lenders to complete all document preparation and transfer electronically. Whether we represent the purchaser or mortgage lender in closing mortgage financing, we are dedicated to the highest level of quality control and “getting it right the first time”.

Fees and Post-Closing Matters

Most residential real estate closings are subject to a reasonable, fixed fee. Feel free to ask our staff the anticipated cost of our representation for your closing. We routinely handle post-closing issues for clients as well. Again, feel free to ask our staff for an estimate of fees for post-closing issues/disputes.

Title Insurance and Title Examinations

Beyond performing closing services for real estate transactions, we are authorized title agents for a number of national title insurance companies. We supply full title insurance services and coverage as examining counsel.