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Don't let Medicaid take everything from you!

Preparing and filing a Medicaid application without an attorney is like engaging in battle without armor. Your family worked hard to save money, own a house and accumulate assets.

Medicaid Applications

We assist clients in preparing and presenting Medicaid Applications to their County Medicaid offices upon placement in long-term care facilities or nursing homes. We work closely with clients to take full advantage of their rights under the law and apprise them of the options available for asset protection.


Medicaid Fair Hearings

If your Medicaid Application is denied, you have a right to contest a negative determination at a “Fair Hearing” before an Administrative Law Judge. The process is intimidating and technically complex.

Mannion & Copani will represent you at any Fair Hearings and assist you in successfully defending your Medicaid Application.

Medicaid Planning

We provide clients with strategies to help achieve maximum asset preservation when facing the high costs of long-term/nursing home care. Our uniquely experienced attorneys and staff work diligently to remain apace of the ever-changing landscape of Medicaid Laws. We consistently determine proper strategies in light of recent and continuing changes in Federal and State Law.


Family Trusts

Family Trusts are a valuable planning tool in preserving assets BEFORE facing the prospect of long-term care and its draining cost. The old Aesop’s fable of the ant and the grasshopper is most appropriate to Pre-Medicaid Planning. The earlier you begin to take action, the more you are legally able to protect and save.

It is never too early to protect your assets in Family Trusts. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

ACT NOW to get started on your way to long-term financial security.